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Here is a blog post written by a client and shared with her permission.

Other feedback I have received from clients:

  • "I learned a lot. Very friendly, easy to discuss with."

  • "Very informative and energetic about the material. By being excited about the system made me more encouraged to do the system and succeed."

  • "Information was amazing and I learned so much that I didn't know! Made me very excited to get started and learn more. I really appreciate your flexibility as well!"

  • "Empowering, helpful info. . . Spread availability as able to do so. Great gift."

  • "Very thorough and thoughtful teacher!"

  • "I would recommend method and teacher to friends."

  • "I've recommended Creighton instruction with Jen to everyone, I love talking about it- especially since I actually now know what's going on in my body."

  • "Attention to details of my situation was very helpful, contributed greatly to my confidence in using the method."

  • "Jennifer has been absolutely wonderful both in her approach to us as a couple and her teaching of the material."

  • "By far the Creighton Model is the best investment in my health I have ever made. I want to recommend it to everyone I know."

  • "Would recommend to friends."

  • "I am so glad we've taken Creighton instruction. I absolutely love it! Jen has done a great job with us and has been super responsive outside of follow-ups to any questions we have. She's very supportive!"

  • "You are a wonderful teacher! My fiancee and I have learned a lot and are becoming more and more confident with NFP in preparation for our wedding and married life."

  • "Very insightful and easy to understand."

  • "Jennifer is fantastic."

  • "Jen is always supportive and organized. I appreciate her sharing her experiences with me."

  • "Jennifer is very knowledgeable and great at presenting information and being able to discuss questions. She was very encouraging while I was learning. She also made me feel comfortable while answering questions."

  • "My husband and I have learned so much through this method and I believe it has brought us closer together. My instructor was a very big part of that."

  • "Each follow-up has expanded on previous sessions and helps to clarify anything that has come up between sessions."

  • "She is very helpful and open. Helps you learn as much as possible and is flexible with scheduling which is great when trying to figure out time schedules."

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